About Us

Totally Positive Productions (TPP) is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization in Chicago, Illinois that provides an opportunity for talented, but economically disadvantaged youth to be recognized for their artistic talent.

The mission of TPP is to produce positive rap, singing, dancing, theater and spoken word talent competitions as well as produce positive “off the street” activities for youths and young adults (ages 7-25) as deterrent to gain and drug involvement.

Our vision is as an organization to thrive on establishing a constructive outlets for youth and young adults (ages 7-25) to grow mentally, academically and socially. We encourage and inspired their young minds to discover effective methods and untapped potential in the creative arts as well.

Board of Directors

Ms. Sheila Pankey
Ms. Roberta Collins
Ms. Myrtis Currie
Ms. Annie Towers
Mr. Anthony Johnson
Mr. Allen Martin
Mr. Yusuf Hasson


Totally Positive Productions
7157 S. Princeton Avenue
Chicago, IL  60621
United States

Phone:  (773) 488-9553
Fax:       (773) 289-0591
Email:  tppforever@gmail.com